Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Les Couples du Bois de Boulogne (1974)

Les Couples du Bois de Boulogne is a movie directed by Christian Gion.
Runtime: 81 min.   Language: English     Country: France   File size: 715MB
The plot: To resolve an inheritance problem, Barbara and Bernard go to Paris in search of Jean-Pierre. During their search, they find themselves in the city of Boulogne, a kind of liberal nudist colony, where couples meet to act out an experience their most daring fantasies.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nude party at the beach

I was with a group of forty people at the seaside in June. The night was warm so we started a party at the beach. Beer was pouring as rain. Suddenly someone came up with idea: if someone takes off all clothes will get four cans of beer from the others. Everyone was under the influence, so almost immediately a few persons stripped (guys and girls). It ended up with nearly thirty people sitting naked and the rest of those who did not want to strip had to jump to the store for beer for naked ones. The worse thing was the next day as it turned out that clothed guys took many photos of us in a variety of strange positions and situations. For example - me and ten other people lying on each other. I was so drunk that I can remember nothing, but fortunately images left.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Expulsion from Paradise aka Vyhnání z ráje (2001)

Vyhnání z ráje is a movie directed by Vera Chytilová.
Runtime: 120 min.   Language: Czech, No subtitles   Country: Czech Republic   File size: 1,36 GB

The plot: The uncompromising director Věra Chytilová, well-known for her harshly mocking attacks on people's failings and foibles, has created a new filmic parable on human weakness with Vyhnání z ráje (Expulsion from Paradise). Although fully within the Chytilová tradition of biting moral fable, the film has had a lukewarm reception from Czech and international critics.
The main story of Vyhnání z ráje concerns Rosta, a film director (Bolek Polívka), who is shooting a film at a nudist beach. Everyone in the film crew has different ideas about the genre and style of the film being shot: The director tries to create an artistic work, an experimental metaphor about Adam and Eve; the Russian producer Igor (Milan Šteindler) hopes to see an erotic lovestory produced; and the screenwriter (played by theatre director and dramatist J A Pitínský) aims to express his positive philosophy about humanity through the film.
The fictive film within the film is called Paradiso, but it seems more like a hell than paradise. Monstrous naked bodies lie on the beach as if in a tableau from the apocalypse. We watch the director in a state of personal crisis. He experiences misunderstandings with his wife (played by French actress and Polívka's ex-wife Chantal Poullain) and also complications in the relationship with his lover (who is the daughter of Paradiso's producer and also happens to be the film's lead actress). The respective stories of each character in Vyhnání z ráje do not add up to a coherent unit but rather make up a mosaic that Chytilová uses to create a picture of moral decline.

The Elementary Particles aka Elementarteilchen (2006)

Elementarteilchen is a movie directed by Oskar Roehler.
Runtime: 108    Language: German (English softsubs)   Country: Germany  File size: 697 and 698 MB

The plot: I can start by saying that i really liked this movie. I'm not sure i was entertained by it, and many times it was not a pleasant experience, but still the overwhelming feeling is that i really liked it. This is not a movie for everyone though. A lot of people will probably have a hard time with the strange mix between comedy and tragedy, others will be put off simply because of the themes and the presentation. There is a lot of nudity here, a lot of explicit language and scenes that are disturbing in more ways than one. A lot of people will probably find it gratuitous, although i feel it's more a part of an uncompromising attitude towards the movie and the story.
Only if you are able to deal with its strong topic. It's about the meaninglessness of being depressed in an unsatisfying environment built up by oneself. Two brothers Michael and Bruno grow up with different characters and backgrounds. What keeps them together is the inability to create a stable life on their own what can be predominantly deduced on a lack of mother love or interest.
You don't know how the characters will develop and how their story will end. Both brothers are not changing in big steps within the movie but in the end you are surprised how far they have drifted from each other.

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