Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nude girl in nature pics

This slim, beautiful girl is posing naked at the beach. She has her pubic hairs shaved in shape of a heart. She's a brunette with big lips. I love brunettes.

Look at her legs. There's no sign of lopsided knees. These legs are ideal.

Ok. Maybe she could have more muscled calfs.

The ideal proportions. The length of body equals her head length multiplied by 7.


The size and shape of breasts is exquisite. They shouldn't be too big.

The flat belly is what I love as well.

Pity the pics are so small. Pity my beer bottle is empty now.
A thousand pities I can't see and feel her beside me.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Some vintage nudism pics

Vintage boobs clips

File info:  8 min.  14 MB
Huge breasts.

Rapidshare link deleted.

File info: 8 min.  36 MB

Huge boobs here as well.

Rapidshare link deleted. 

File info: 2 min.  28 MB
Girls having a topless picnic.

Rapidshare link deleted unfortunately.

Nude woman body painting

Vintage 1960s clip.

File info: 8 min.  92 MB
Rapidshare link deleted.

Her naked stroll by the lake

Naturist girls at the swimming pool

Some more short vintage clips.

File info: 5 min.  53 MB
Rapidshare link deleted unfortunately.

File info: 7 min.  35 MB
Rapidshare link deleted unfortunately. Pity I didn't download these to reupload them.

Nude stroll pictures

Girl walking nude in the forest.