Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Naturellement (2002) download

Naturellement is a short movie directed by Christophe Le Masne. Stars are: Nanou Garcia, Christophe Le Masne and Ese Brume.
Country: France    Language: French     File size: 70 MB     Duration: 27:11 min. 

Plot: A modest and run-of-the mill early-middle aged couple, Sandra and Benoit, travel to a vacation house in southern France, to spend some holidays with friends. When they arrive, they find that all their companions live completely according to nature; that is all are nudists.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Summer Dress (1996) download

Une robe d'été is a short movie directed by François Ozon. Also known as A Summer Dress. Stars are: Sébastien Charles, Frédéric Mangenot and Lucia Sanchez.
Country: France     Language: French      File size: 189 MB      Duration: 15:05 min.    

Plot: Luc (Frédéric Mangenot) spends his holiday at the sea with his slightly older and decidedly more effeminate boyfriend Sébastien (Sébastien Charles). At the house they have rented, Sébastien's dancing and preening frustrates Luc, who rebukes him that the neighbors might see. Irritated, Luc goes off on his bicycle to the beach, hoping to find some solitude.
On the beach Luc is finally alone and goes skinny dipping. Afterward, he sunbathes in the nude, and then he meets Lucia (Lucia Sanchez), a Spanish tourist about his age, who, after some flirtatious conversation invites Luc to accompany her into the nearby wood for a tryst. Luc, though somewhat bashful, obliges with little hesitation. After having sex, Lucia learns that Luc is erotically involved with Sébastien and has never been with a woman.
The two return to the beach to find that Luc's clothes have been stolen. Lucia lends Luc her summer dress so that he won't have to return home completely naked. Wearing a woman's dress improves Luc's mood as a car honks its horn after him on the ride back. He returns to the cabin with a smile and a renewed sense of freedom. Luc surprises Sébastien on entering, and, after a few amused remarks about the dress (Luc flirtatiously refers to himself as a "beautiful girl), the two have passionate sex in the kitchen. The dress is partially torn in the act.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Naked girl swimming underwater video

Naked girl filmed in swimming pool. Some underwater evolutions.

File size: 20 MB   Duration: 2:20 min.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful nudist girls videos

Two young girls posing on the grass.
File size: 22 MB    Duration: 3:06 min.

File size: 85 MB   Duration: 6:15 min.
Teen girls walking and dancing on thin ice.