Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vintage nudism pics

Let's take a look at some classic nudism pictures.

Beautiful nude girl on bike.

Naturist sport.

A pair of nudists.

Young naturist girl.

And here's a huge packet of nudism pictures (vintage + contemporary):
8940 photos; file size: 1,28 GB; password: 123
Pics package deleted. Sorry.

Pics preview:


  1. My dick is so hard for these chicks!

  2. Wouldnt the teen ones be classed as child porn? Or would that only be illegal if it was unwilling? Nevertheless, my dick is hard from these chicks!

    1. There's no porn! It's just pictures of naked bodies in natural surroundings. Of course it's not allowed to publish them without having the consent of the depicted persons and (in case they are not of legal age) their parents. But with these pics, I assume this consent has been proven, as the pictures seem to come from nudism magazines, and they have been observing regulations very well (as far as I know).

  3. As long as their breasts are pendulous and there's hair in their "private" areas, I wouldn't worry about any of it being CP

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  5. Top pic , I'd tongue both of their clits