Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nude on the Moon (1961)

Movie directed by Anthony Brooks (= Raymond Phelan and Doris Wishman).
Runtime: 78 min., Language: English, Country: USA, No rar password. 699 MB.

The plot: Dr. Huntley and Professor Nichols are able to complete their work on a moon rocket because of an unexpected inheritance. They travel to the moon, but find a lush garden paradise rather than a barren wasteland. They are captured by naked telepathic humanoids and taken in front of the Great Council. The Moon Goddess decides they should be allowed to continue their experiments, and Dr. Huntley falls in love with her. Professor Nichols worries about getting Huntley to return to earth.

The Naked Venus (1958)

Movie directed by Edward G. Ulmer. Language: English, Runtime: 77 min., Country: U.S.A.

The Cast: Patricia Conelle... Yvonne Duval Dixon; Don Roberts ... Bob Dixon; Arianne Ulmer ... Lynn Wingate; Louis Bertrand ... Insp. Merchant; Sherie Elms ... Sherie; Wynn Gregory ... Mrs. Dixon; Bill Lough ... The Judge; Harry Lovejoy ... Dr. Hewitt; Douglas McCairn ... John Rutledge; Doris Shriver ... Laura Dixon

The plot: A young American painter and his French wife move with their small daughter to the US when the husband's father dies. His mother takes an instant dislike to the wife, and when she finds out that her daughter-in-law is a nudist who once posed naked for an artist, she declares her son's wife to be an unfit mother and sets out to break up the marriage--which may not be difficult to do, as the son is a weak-willed "mama's boy" who's terrified to stand up against his domineering mother.

The Nine Ages of Nakedness (1969)

Movie directed by George Harrison Marks. Language: English. Country: UK. No rar password.

The plot: The Nine Ages of Nakedness is a 1969 British sex film, directed by Harrison Marks, and also starring Marks as himself and several of his (fictional) ancestors. Originally entitled The Seven Ages of Nakedness, a title inspired by John Gielgud’s one man show “The Seven Ages of Man,” in order to increase the film’s running time two more stories/ages had to be added. The film's publicity materials claimed the film featured “150 topless international lovelies;” however, as several female cast members make repeat performances in several of the film's stories, that number might be an exaggeration. Not long after he completed the film, Marks declared bankruptcy and sold all rights to it. The film is not owned by Marks’s estate, and the current rights owner is unknown. A DVD of the film was released in America in 2006; however, this release was unauthorized. Be warned that the picture quality is far from being crisp clear, see the screenshots and judge for yourself...

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Diary of a Teenage Nudist (2004)

Movie directed by Alex Berk. Country: UK, Language: English, Runtime: 49 min

The plot: Bianca Badham is a typical British 18 year old girl of the 00s: fun loving, intelligent, gentle natured, open minded, and loves her music and surfing the Internet. But there is one thing that she does not share in common with most teenage girls: she was born and raised in a nudist club with her mother, step-father and sister. Upon leaving high school, she decides to spend a more interesting summer than most girls who hit the pubs and go out on the hunt for boyfriends: looking for naturists her own age. Her searches on the Internet open her up to a new generation of young nudists who are trying it for their own purposes: a Muslim architect student who closets it from his parents, a young guy who enjoys hiking in the woods naked and tries to cajole his unwilling fiancĂ© into going naked with him, a nude bike ride through the streets of London, a teenage girl who actually got her boyfriend to try nudism first (unlike most relationships where it's usually the guy who is interested and the girlfriend who is reserved). In all it's a cute documentary that paints up the naturist movement in England and America, warts and all including a few questionable characters whom nudists and non-nudists don't want in their lives. But it's going to be a long long time till the masses will finally come around to the nudist's way of thinking about the body and this is a step in the right direction as a whole.

La Fonte des Neiges (2009)

Movie directed by: Jean-Julien Chervier.
File size: 370 MB, Duration: 26:46 min., English subtitles srt included in archive, Language: French.

The plot: Twelve-year-old Leo thinks he's going to faint when he finally gets to the nudist camp where his mother has dragged him. But then an encounter with Antoinette and her magic mushrooms makes him change his mind entirely.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Genesis Children (1972)

The Genesis Children is a movie directed by Anthony Aikman. Runtime: 85 min. Language: English.
The plot: This a kind of Roman beach holiday for boys, with philosophical overtones. In a kind of reality play acted without a script, a group of boys discover freedom on an Italian beach and analyse the conventions that they otherwise obey. Religion is ever present by a character who first advertises for actors in a play and then appears in many guises throughout the film. In their freedom the boys (early teens) frolic on the beach and carry out their 'roles' in a naturist fashion - without clothes.

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Naked (2003)

Naked is a short movie directed by Paul Andrew Williams. 
Language: English; Runtime: 22 minutes.

The plot: Mark finds it difficult to come to terms with the fact his girlfriend is a Naturist. At Byrony's parent's Wedding Anniversary Party, Mark finds himself in a difficult situation when he finds out everyone there is naked.