Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teen nudists at the beach movies

Three young girls play badminton on the beach. I can tell you - they can't play this game at all. But who really cares since they're naked?
File size: 87 MB   Duration: 7:57 min.

File size: 65 MB   Duration: 5:48 min.

Naked girl on a boat

File size: 187 MB   Duration: 13:51

Sunday, February 20, 2011

HD voyeur nude beach movies

Real amateur nude girls.

 File size: 128 MB   Duration: 6:35 MB

File size: 338 MB  Duration: 29:54 min.


File size: 211 MB   Duration: 13:04 min.

Nude girls in bathroom

It's not outdoor nudity but I found this movie interesting enough to put it here.
Girls washing their nude bodies in bathroom.
File size: 239 MB  Duration: 10:05 min.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hidden camera on the nude beach

File size: 31,3 MB   Duration: 5 min.  

File Size: 43 MB     Duration: 7 min.

Girl dressing up at the beach   File size: 33 MB   Duration: 3:38 min.


Nudist beach voyeur movies

File size: 28,8 MB   Duration: 1:35 min.

File size: 46,8 MB   Duration: 1:16 min.

File size: 346 MB   Duration: 11:31 min

Cap d’Agde documentary

France’s Cap d’Agde is the nudist adventure of a lifetime. Cap d’Agde is a naturist destination for singles, couples, families, gays, lesbians and all nationalities. Heck, you can even bring your dog. Some people do. There isn’t the dog doo madness of Paris, but do watch where you step.

There are over 40,000 visitors annually of all types and nationalities, but there is plenty of space to walk around. With a 2 kilometer beach, you can take a nude walk till your tired, then pull up a seat and do some people watching.

The main visiting season runs June, July & August when there’s lots of visitors, but the weather is the best. Sometimes there is some wind off the Mediterranean, but hey, if you are naked and on vacation on the Mediterranean, it is hard to complain.

On trip report on another website by the president of an Indian naturist federation put it well: “Every naturist who’s been to Cap (for short) longs to go back there; many do, year after year, for a week or two every year, maybe more if they’re retired. And every naturist who hasn’t been there wants to go there some time.”

He goes on to say that Cap d’Agde “is a city, with pools, cafes, restaurants, bookshops, clothes shops, bars, snack-bars, laundries, post-office, estate agents’ offices, marina, bank, supermarket, bread and pastry shops, wine shops, fruit and veg shops, petrol pump, everything a city needs. The beautiful clean beach and the enchantingly blue Mediterranean sea are a bonus. And you have the legal right to be nude anywhere any time of the day. (The nightclubs want you dressed though). This is what the world would be like if it were CO (clothes optional).”


Lying just 25 minutes from Pouzolles, Cap-d'Agde offers everything you could wish for from a yacht charter in the South of France, with its bustling marina, numerous shops, boutiques and restaurants and miles of unspoiled golden beaches leading towards Sete and the historic town of Montpelier.
Take a stroll among the avenues of shops which cater for all tastes, then relax in one of the many exotic cocktail bars and restaurants, enjoy the live music and watch the sun set over the flotilla of glamorous yachts. Cap-d'Agde offers all the glamour and sophistication of the Cote-d'Azur, but at a fraction of the price. The food, even in the most exotic of restaurants, is very affordable while the array of boutiques offer everything for the fashion-conscious at well below high street prices.
The stretch of golden sand between Cap-d'Agde and the port of Sete continues for literally mile upon mile. The area is a haven for lovers of water sports, where you can windsurf, jet-ski, para-sail or water-ski. If you prefer something less energetic, join the locals for a relaxing afternoon's fishing or mix with the kite-flyers as they put an array of exotic creations through their paces. Of course, you could simply lie back on your own vast area of unspoiled golden beach and enjoy the sun! Parking, right by the beach, is plentiful and free!

Cap d'Agde documentary   File size: 199 MB  Duration: 59:10 min.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nude teen girls and a horse video

Three nudist girls are bathing a horse. Lucky beast!
File Size: 107 MB    Length: 8:13 min.

Nude girls by the river movie

Three nude young girls are spending fun time by the river.
File Size: 214 MB   Length: 16:21 min.

Sex in nature

Young people having sex in nature. Two movies.
File Size: 192 MB     Resolution: 720x540     Length: 00:12:43

File Size: 320 MB   Resolution: 640 x 480    Duration: 37 min.

Girl on a nude beach

File Size: 108 MB    Duration: 3 min    HD Video: 1280 x 720


File Size: 67 MB  Duration: 3 min   Resolution: 720x576


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nude teens in sauna

This is a short movie that presents young girls using sauna. After leaving the building they pour cold water on their hot bodies.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Same River Twice (2003)

The Same River Twice is a movie directed by Robb Moss.
Runtime: 78 min.  Language: English   Country: USA   File size: 700 MB

The plot: Hippies do grow up, they really do. And even if you're the kind of crew that would take a month-long all-nude river rafting trip, The Same River Twice proves that you can not only mature, it doesn't have to be awful, either. Robb Moss's documentary begins with footage of the aforementioned rafting trip, which he participated in in 1978. Unearthing that footage, Moss reconnects with a half-dozen of his tripmates to see how their lives have changed from those drugs-and-love-but-not-clothes days.
Film scholar Robb Moss combines home-movie footage from the '70s with current documentary interviews to fashion this intimate memoir of his summer-of-love friends, then and now. The Same River Twice chronicles the lives of Moss and five of his friends, all of whom served as white-water rafting tour guides while in their twenties. In that era, their nudist, free-love ways brought them together; now, Moss learns, many of the couples have split up, or given up their utopian ideals. - Michael Hastings, All Movie Guide

Voyeur nudism pictures

A few rar archives with pics packages. Download links below:

Miss Nature contest movies

Below are three clips presenting the annual Miss Natura beauty contest.

Sex on the beach movies

File size: 482 MB   Duration: 16:10 min.  

File size: 111 MB   Duration: 15:55 min.  

File size: 289 MB   Duration: 10:15 min.