Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Naked in museum

Well, I once saw on television news a reference to a painter's paintings exhibition. The exhibition took place in a museum or gallery. Well, this painter, whose paintings were exhibited created mainly nudes. But this was not the most interesting. Free admission to the exhibition had those who left the clothes in the locker room, in other words, enter naked. In that TV footage it was clear that some people have chosen this free admission option. But mostly there were elderly ladies and gentlemen, glided in front of the camera lens. It looked like a gathering of the entire company of nudists and naturists from the area. And maybe that was actually true because when hearing about this possibility they could not deny themselves the pleasure of implementation such a naked action. I wonder if this has contributed significantly to the viewing of the exhibition numbers, because let us not delude ourselves, in museums today, there are no crowds. And even if there are crowds they do not usually tend to consist of young people. I wonder about one more thing. Would such a rare opportunity to practice nudity in a public place induce me to visit a museum? I'm also curious about your opinion on this topic. Would you have balls (males) and ovaries (females) to walk in the museum naked? For men, however, it would be much more of a challenge, especially if the show would consist of female nudes. 

Source: http://nagiepodlasie.blox.pl/2013/04/Nago-w-muzeum.html


  1. Yeah, I would walk through that exhibition naked... and I know, that it might be hard (haha!) for me as a man, when it comes to possible arousal. Then again, that's part of Mama Nature's wonderful gifts to us human beings, too... It's not a shame to see a man's erection, the true shame is that we are taught to be ashamed of it instead of accepting it as something (THING, get it? :-) ) perfectly natural.

    As long as a man is not openly masturbating while looking at those pictures exhibited, it should be dealt with like it's done on nude beaches... just accept it as something natural, it'll pass in time. And, most likely, men comfortable with being nude won't go hard there anyway.

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