Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Same River Twice (2003)

The Same River Twice is a movie directed by Robb Moss.
Runtime: 78 min.  Language: English   Country: USA   File size: 700 MB

The plot: Hippies do grow up, they really do. And even if you're the kind of crew that would take a month-long all-nude river rafting trip, The Same River Twice proves that you can not only mature, it doesn't have to be awful, either. Robb Moss's documentary begins with footage of the aforementioned rafting trip, which he participated in in 1978. Unearthing that footage, Moss reconnects with a half-dozen of his tripmates to see how their lives have changed from those drugs-and-love-but-not-clothes days.
Film scholar Robb Moss combines home-movie footage from the '70s with current documentary interviews to fashion this intimate memoir of his summer-of-love friends, then and now. The Same River Twice chronicles the lives of Moss and five of his friends, all of whom served as white-water rafting tour guides while in their twenties. In that era, their nudist, free-love ways brought them together; now, Moss learns, many of the couples have split up, or given up their utopian ideals. - Michael Hastings, All Movie Guide

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