Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Senza buccia aka Skin Deep (1979)

Senza buccia is a movie directed by Marcello Aliprandi. Stars are: Olga Karlatos, Juan Carlos Naya and Maurizio Interlandi.    File size: 665 MB   Duration: 93:16 min.   Country: Spain and Italy   Language: Italian
Also known as: Cicciolina sin pudor (Argentina); Erotas sta galazia nera Greece; Ich liebe Dich, Du kleiner Schwede (West Germany); Skin Deep (undefined); Vacaciones al desnudo (Spain); Without the Peel (undefined).
The plot: Skin deep was the title by which i saw it.It was bright breezy full of sea sand nudity and soft core.If this was american made it would be like "Porkys" crude and offensive. This is italian so it has style and joie de veivre. It will never win awards but its pleasant and sensual and likes its character.

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